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Why you need to introduce LUBE into your love life!

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Lube isn't the boring 'essential' some may think - in fact over 9 out of 10 women believe sex is more pleasurable, enjoyable & comfortable with the use of additional lubrication! (see here!)

We're here to give you some ideas about the added pleasure the right lubricant can bring to your play - creating varying sensations, textures & even tastes - whilst also helping you to have safer & more comfortable sex.

Why we need lube...

Your vaginas natural lubrication will vary depending on changing hormonal levels - maybe due to different stages of your cycle or during bodily changes such as menopause or pregnancy. Your choice of contraception or  levels of stress can also contribute. More thaurnen 30% of women will suffer from regular vaginal dryness, even when they feel turned on & most will experience it at some point in their lives, Lubricants are also super useful for anal sex, rougher sex & play, preventing tears & discomfort.

Lube is a great way to enhance pleasure through a feeling of comfort - particularly if you're partner is particularly well endowed, or your a trying something new in the bedroom - easy movement & glide allow your to relax, whilst other sensations heighten.

Smell & taste can further transport you into a more sensual state, along with encouraging touch and play with your partner. Below we've included some ideas or which lube to use and when to make the very most of your sexual endeavours.

Which lube is right for me?

A great basic lubricant is something natural, unscented and waterbased. Water based lubricants are compatible with most toys & condoms (a bonus if you want one lube for all occasions) Waterbased lube also tends to feel the closest to the real thing and will not leave you feeling sticky or oily. 

Our bestselling Liquid silk- £12.99 is many of our customers firm favourite, and has a handy pump for fuss free application that wont get in the way of your fun!

If you're particularly sensitive down below we've got plenty of natural, organic lubricants which won't disrupt you vaginas natural PH balance. Again, choose something unscented and check the ingredients for any allergies. You're always welcome to call us at the shop for advice / ingredients lists. 01273 777811

We love Sliqid Orangics Natural Lube - £14.99 for its many qualities including having nutural PH & being hypoallergenic, 100% vegan & parabin free.

For those with a taste for even more pleasure and sensation, why not try a flavoured lube, they're fun, playful & naughty - great for oral sex & foreplay. Try closing your eyes, heightening your senses & guessing the flavour. We test all of our lubes to make sure we provide the very best, stocking products that aim to enhance your natural flavor rather than disguise, whilst still being kind to your bodys natural balance. 

Natural Swirl Lubricants - £12.99 - Following Sliqids natural ethos - their range manages to avoid overpowering super sweet and sticky textures often found in flavoured lubes.


If your looking for an anal lubricant best to go with something advertised as such. As the anus doesn't naturally lubricate, anal lubes tend to be thicker & longer lasting, which is important to protect you during intercourse, and prevent tearing or fissures. Not only is it safer, sex will be much more enjoyable for both you and your partner. 

Yes BUT - £9.99 is a fabulous lubricant with a non sticky yet full texture, ensuring plenty of glide & lasting comfort. This doubles up great as an all purpose lubricant, again lasting a little longer so minimising the need to reapply!

Getting sensual with some pre-game massage? Our new range from Orgie stimulates the senses with invigorating or relaxing scents such as Rosemary or chamomile to fit any mood, and like the majority of our lubes, are organic and parabin free.



Always check compatibility of your lubricant with any toys or condoms. Silicone lubricant should never be used with a silicone toy & many oil based lubes will break down condoms. 

Lubricants do not prevent pregnancy. A common misinterpretation, most lubricants do not include spermicide, so always make sure you are using proper protection to avoid pregnancy.

Check the ingredients of your lubricant for allergy advise! Vaginas can be delicate. If you're still unsure, make sure to try a water soluble lubricant - this means it will easily wash away if irritation occurs.

Have fun & experiment! Sex is supposed to be fun, lube is a great way to get more in touch with your body, encouraging conversation & play!





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