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Getting Frisky on Sex Wedges - Our Tips!



Why do you need a sex wedge?

As the name suggests, sex furniture is a beautifully ergonomic variety of cushions, pads, wedges, chairs and swings tailored towards increasing sexual pleasure by providing support and helping the user achieve positions and angles more comfortably.

If you've got all the toys/accessories and games but are still looking to up your bedroom game, or you want to add some extra comfort or support to your bedroom exploits - sex furniture might be for you!


What is a sex wedge?

Wedges are an increasingly popular style of sex furniture - to provide comfort, support and better angles during sex, there are many styles, shapes and sizes to choose from, some with additional accessories and add ons to tailor your play to your own preferences. 


Why use a sex wedge?

If you've ever had to change position, because your legs couldn't take the deep squat or you arms where shaking under your weight? Well, heres the solution! Using a wedge can provide much needed comfort by helping you to support and distribute weight evenly. They can limit the risk of pain and discomfort during sex, allowing for better control in more positions.

Along with your favourite positions, a wedge provides options for many new ones! Use to elevate different body parts, achieve exciting angles and play with upside down, head spinning sensations. Not to mention deeper penetration to help you achieve more intense orgasms.

There is a huge amount of versatility to play with using a sex wedge, play with giving or receiving oral from behind, raising hips or bum to just the right height for your partner, or propping your self up get a better view of the action.

Are you tempted to get exploring?! 


Choosing the sex wedge for you...

There are a few important things to consider when choosing a new piece of sex furniture to find just the right style for you. 

Material - All of our sex bedding, wedges, and cushions are designed with hygiene and cleanup in mind. It's important to consider if you want a piece with a washable cover that can go in the washing machine or something you will wipe down with soap after use. 

Ensure you choose a material that you will find tactile and comfortable. Maybe faux leather or washable velvet appeals, or a simple soft microfiber might be more to your taste.

Shape and size - Consider storage when you choose your toy. Some wedges are subtle enough to be kept out on display. If you have a smaller space, a smaller piece of furniture may work best for you. If you have a larger frame, you may consider a large piece to keep it as comfortable and supportive as possible.

You might choose a wedge with a more gradual incline or a steeper one, depending on preference and how you might be more inclined to use your wedge. You can even pair up and stack different wedges and pieces together to create a custom support thats hits the spot for you. 


How to use your wedge for Sex and Solo fun...

You might already have a few ideas... but if not, our top tips include enhancing your favourites with new prefect positioning - try spicing up your missionary or creating a more exaggerated doggy style. Or support hips during anal or neck during oral sex, making these positions more comfortable and enjoyable. 

For solo fun, we've got wedges available that hold or support your toy so you can ride hands free. Or you can play with different angles, allowing for deeper penetration and ease of access with a toy or hands. 

We recommend experimenting, having fun & getting frisky to see which combo and position works best for you. 

Enjoy 'ramping' your sex life up to the next level with one of our wedges from our sexy selection below!

If you can't wait to see what all the fuss is about, You can see our selection of Sex Furniture and Wedges here...

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