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Anal Toys & Butt Stuff

Everything butt..... 

Whether you are looking to try something new or an experienced exponent of butt play looking to expand your (clever use of words) collection of anal toys, we stock the very best options for everything anal including plugs, tails, prostrate massagers and much more. In fact if it can go in safely (always remember safety when it comes to ass play) there is a good chance that we will have the best example in stock.

The one thing that's true in today's modern world is that whatever gender or sex you identify as or with everyone of us has a butthole. And there is a lot of pleasure to be had from that there butthole, so what are you waiting for - Come, explore a new world of pleasure with our selection of anal sex toys for all genders, sizes, colours and creeds.... 

We have anal sex toys that can be used for preparing or “training” the anus for penetration with a penis, fingers, or dildo, or just for the pleasure of penetration itself!  Some will like the sensation of fullness provided by a butt plug while others prefer the feeling of beads sliding over the sensitive nerve endings located in the anus. 

One golden rule of butt play, booty pleasure, pegging or plugging is REMEMBER AS MUCH LUBE AS POSSIBLE!!!!. You can never get too slippery when it comes to getting down with some butt fun.

Any serious questions please email the store.  We're here to help.



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