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Our Favourite Couples Toys To Help Valentines Go Off With A Bang!

Advice Couples Toys

We know toys are great for getting those much needed tingles whilst playing alone, or dreaming of a loved one far away... however playing with a partner can be all kinds of fun, leading you to experiment with sensations, opening up a better conversation around each others preferences & helping heighten your orgasms. 

Whilst a classic vibrator (i.e a rabbit or bullet) is also great for partnered play, below are a few toys & accessories that focus a little more on bringing the two of you together, by sharing a vibration or mixing up roles.

1. Massage Wands.

Living in this stressful world, sometimes we just need to slow down and embrace a little sensuality. Intimacy doesn't need to mean sex, sometimes connecting with your partner through massage, and enjoying the journey - rather than rushing to orgasm - is a more effective means of connecting... and who knows where you massage might lead...

The Doxy Massage Wand - £89.99 
Svakom Heated Wand  - £99.99 
We also stock a wonderful range of lubricants, massage oils & sensation gels to encourage touch.


2. Wearable & Remote Controlled

There are currently a great range of wearable c shaped toys on the market, all stemming for the original We-Vibe range. The most popular being the new and improved We-Vibe Match, which provides stimulation to both g-spot and clitoris and can be worn alone (operated via remote or phone app!) or during intercourse - creating a feeling of fullness & deep rumbling vibrations felt by you both.

We-Vibe Match - £129.99

Moxie is a wearable knicker vibe witch clips on the the wearers knickers, where you can position it to stimulate the whole vulva, with focus on the clitoris, and allow your partner to take control of the remote, varying intensity & vibration patterns. (we dare you to go dancing)

Moxie Knicker Vibrator - £119.99  

3. Penis Rings

A P-ring or 'cock ring' is a popular way to add pleasure focused on a person with a penis. Whilst most p-rings are stretchy & supple usually made from silicone, they are designed to fit most penises, designed to fit snugly around the base to encourage slight restriction to the blood flow, resulting in a harder & longer erection, alongside increased sensitivity. 

The Verge by We-Vibe is designed to fit ergonomically around the penis & testicles, sitting close to the perineum, providing pleasurable vibrations to the whole area. Wear it just around the penis for a less constrictive fit, or flip it around to hit the partners clitoris during intercourse. Take control with both remote & app controlled capability. The verge will even vibrate in time to music, or create your own pleasurable patterns and intensity.

Verge by We-Vibe - £89.99 
Mio is a Snug fitting cock ring, great if you want a harder erection and more intense restriction. Use a liberal amount of lubricant to help slide on easily & limit wear to no longer than half an hour. 
 Mio P- Ring - £84.99


4. Harness & Strap Ons

Usually the strap on dildo is associated with sex between two woman /or individuals with vulva's, providing the wearer a chance to penetrate the partner totally hands free!

In recent years, pegging (where the woman wears a strap on to penetrate her partner anally) has seen a rise in popularity & open discussion, with articles featuring everywhere from cosmopolitan to woman health. Pegging is a great way to play with turning your 'usual' bedroom roles upside down, allowing the woman to take even more control & be more dominant, and even more so, the perfect way to stimulate a male partners prostate or 'p-spot'. (...magic point, truly worth breaking the taboo! - just remember guys, you can be totally straight and still love anal sex! ;) )

Remember, the most important thing when trying something new, is open conversation. Discus dildo sizes, invest in some great anal lubricant & take it easy - it can be a delicate area! 

Why not start off by introducing a butt plug into your play?!


6 Inch Starter Dildo - £19.99     

Don't Forget To Please Yourself Too! - Mr Hook is fantastic for wearing underneath a harness, to provide the wearer with waves of vibration whilst pleasuring their partner. Its also great for grinding play and scissoring.


Mr Hook Strap on Vibrator - £89.99


5. Fun & Games!

The most important things to remember when exploring your sexuality as part of a couple are openness, fun & communication! This will make the both of you more relaxed, prioritise your preferences & therefore, pleasure.

A great way to open up conversations about sex, fantasy & encourage you to experiment is through an erotic game. See what awaits you at the role of a dice, or setting down to a board game that's sure to be anything but boring! What better day than valentines...


Nookii Game - £26.99
... Now, Go have some fun!

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