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What Should You Wear To Fetish Nightclub

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What Should You Wear In A Fetish Nightclub?

With the next House of Spank Night just around the corner on April 30th at Proud Cabaret in Brighton's Kemp Town, She Said is here to inspire you and guide you to make sure you pass the all-important dress code and be dressed to not only impress but feel fabulous too.

Is House of Spank a Fetish Party?

We get asked this question a lot by She Said customers new to the fetish scene, so we thought for those of you who haven't been to House of Spank before we would give you the low down on what to expect. House of Spank is indeed a fetish party, entrance by ticket only and with limited tickets we advise you get tickets in advance so as not to disappoint. Expect fabulous fetish outfits, naughty glamour & a good dose of kink. Everyone will be making an effort so make sure you do too.

What clothes can I NOT wear at a fetish party?

There are quite a few no-nos in terms of what you cannot wear and will result in you being turned away at the door, even if you have a ticket. For those who enjoy their casual wear, do NOT wear jeans, casual trousers, plain or casual tee shirts or shirts, sneakers or trainers, track suits,or anything that could be considered casual or day wear. For those who love their cute dresses, a party dress is not enough. Fancy dress costumes from a costume store (which are often cheap, commercial and let's face it tacky) will not pass the door test unless very cleverly accessorised. Dressing smart is not enough, you need to add a twist. Also do not wear anything offensive, racist or inappropriate in any way. If in doubt, leave it out. Fetish parties are about respect and consent so be sure to take care with the theme you choose.

So what can I wear to a fetish night?

There are many fabric options for fetish outfits including leather, vinyl, pvc, sheer mesh and of course latex. Popular garments include corsets, both underbust & overbust, military, chaps and kilts for men, strappy bondage-style outfits, super saucy dresses & sexy lingerie. Check out She Said's favourite fetish designer Patrice Catanzaro for superb outfits for both women AND men. Check out She Said for a whole range of accessories and do ask our friendly staff for ideas and suggestions to enhance your outfit and take it to the next level. There is nothing we love more than helping you create your perfect outfit and we can also offer a bespoke service too. Accessories can truly make an outfit and if you are on a budget it is a great way to use key wardrobe pieces you already have without breaking the bank and avoid having to go and shop for a whole new outfit. Fantastic hosiery and body stockings, stunning body jewelry, kinky gloves, nipple covers, feather boleros & body harnesses in leather, Vegan leather, even Shibari rope are just some of the many accessories you can find at She Said.

What is the theme of the next House of Spank?

Be sure to pay attention to the specific theme of the night to ensure your style will fit in. Most fetish club nights will give you guidelines on the night's theme on their website and Instagram.

And you can always gather inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram. The theme for the next House of Spank on Sunday 30th April is "Filthy Animals". Check out the She Said curated collection for some superb outfits and accessories including cat and bunny,  leopard print hosiery & lingerie, themed nipple pasties & tassels plus some gorgeous feathered outfits that will leave you spoilt for choice. You can see more on our newsletter.


Is nudity allowed at House of Spank?

While less is often more in terms of fetish outfits, generally nudity is not allowed at fetish parties, including House of Spank and you will be expected to cover up your private parts. Nipple tassels and pasties are a great way to show off your boobs (if you dare) and can enhance the theme of your outfit. Check out the She Said fabulous collection of nipple pasties for inspiration or why not commission a pair just for you.

Will there be sex?

Most fetish parties like House of Spank are not about sex (unlike Killing Kittens & Torture Garden and other adult sex-themed parties where you can expect full sex and sex play) and while House of Spank is most definitely a sexy night and there will be a dungeon area, the night is not about sex per say. Remember, fetish parties are very inclusive and are all about consent and respect, and nothing will happen without your say so. If you are new to House of Spank or a regular fetish party goer, you can be assured of a superb evening in a gorgeous venue hosted by the wonderful Mistress Red. Remember being comfortable with what you wear and finding and exploring your fetish fantasy is what it is all about. So put your best foot (or claw or paw) forward for this month's House of Spank and have a purrrfect night out.

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