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Taking your Bra Measurement at home.

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Of course we would MUCH rather be able to see you lovelies  face to face & help you pick out the perfect set... but needs must, so we are handing over the tape measure to you, our wonderful customers!

Measuring yourself for a bra is simple... and with our guidance, and specialists knowledge we’re here to help you over phone or email, to purchase a well fitting, comfortable & beautiful set tohelp you find a little joy, sexiness or self-love during the upcoming months at home.



Finding your measurements...

(BUST MEASUREMENT) Using our diagram for reference, measure around the fullest part of your bust & around your back in a using a tape measure. Make a note of this measurement in inches. 

(BAND MEASUREMENT) Now measure your underbust, this is around your rib cage immediately below where you breast tissue begins, around your back in a parallel line. Again, record this measurement in inches.

*Sometimes it’s a good idea to also take this measurement with lungs expanded (having taken a big breath in) if this is a large difference then pick a point in the middle of both measurements.* 

Now you’ve got your measurements, it’s time for the complicated bit... but stick with us and you’ll be fine!

Calculating you bra size...

You already have your Band size (the number part of your bra size) this is simply the measurement in inches of your Underbust rounded up or down to the closest even number... eg measurement of 31.5inches = 32 band. 


eg. if your Underbust measures 32inches, with bust 38inches you will calculate ... 38-32=6

Now take the number your left with to determine your CUPSIZE from the chart below...

Eg. The above size would be a 32E


 If you are between sizes then here is when you can decide what fit you like (or drop us an email and we can recommend according to how different brands come up size wise - we all know this can vary wildly from brand to brand!) 

We can recommend how sizes vary in our products, where you might want to size up or down, and what shape might work best for you. Do not hesitate to email us at for advice or to arrange an appointment via phone


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