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Bra & Corset Fitting Service

At She Said we pride ourselves on our bra measuring and corset fitting services and our staff are trained to ensure you are fitted in the best possible fitting bras and corsets. But if you are unable to come into our shops we hope the information below will help you work out your correct bra or corset size. And you can always contact us at the shop and we can talk you through how to take measurements.

Measuring yourself for a bra or corset is a quick and simple process; all you need is a tape measure. Make sure you measure yourself without clothes so you get accurate readings.

Bra Measuring

In order to find out your bra size, you need to know two measurements, your back size and your bust or cup size.

To establish your back size (this is your underbust size), i.e 32”, 34” etc, measure snugly under your bust then add on 2” if the measurement is even number, and 3” if an odd number. So, if you measurement under your bust is 31”, your actual back size for a bra is 34”. To establish your cup size measure over fullest part of your bust. The different between the underbust / back size and the bust size determines the cup size. See the chart below:


Cup Size

0 to ½ inch


½ to 1 inch


1 to 2½ inches


2½ to 3½ inches


3½ to 4½ inches


4½ to 6 inches


6 to 7 inches


7 to 8 inches


9 to 10 inches



For a useful guide to measuring and finding the correct fit and size, and converting sizes from different countries, see this handy size calculator

Corset Measuring 

Usually we just ask you to provide your waist measurement. Measure snugly around the narrowest part of your waist and avoid breathing in and holding your breath! If you have trouble locating this make sure you are standing up straight and for most people the narrowest point is about an inch above the belly button. Look in a mirror if possible. When you have placed your order we may contact you by email and ask for your hip measurement, height and bra size to ensure the perfect fitting corset.
Don't worry we'll give you advice at every step! As always, if you need any help please contact us below for swift and helpful guidance


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