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Choosing Your Toy... What you need to know! (Vulva edition!)

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So you might be here because you're new to this 'whole sex toy thing' & that's AMAZING! We're so excited for the discoveries & pleasures that are to come *ahem* for you... & we're here to help you start off right!
Your going to need to ask yourself a few questions, try a few things & discover what you like... let start with the simple stuff!
Most toys will be easily categorised into internal toys (toys which are used mostly inside of the vaginal) & external (toys used around the outer vulva area, usually with a focus on the clitoris, but this may also mean your labia or other areas that feel nice).
You will probably know which kind of stimulation you prefer, many people will like a bit of both at different times (if you don't yet, it'll be a fun journey to discovery!) There are many toys that have elements of both internal and external & a lot of clitoral simulators are great to use with a partner or during penetrative sex.
 As we all know, everybody is different, meaning we all like different sensations, intensities & messaging. Most of the categories below feature a wide selection of toys that hope to cater for each of your needs (Just click on the heading to see the full selection)... From gender neutral toys, to hyper realistic and toys that will knock you socks off, to gentler sensations that will help get you in the mood.
Please get in touch if you'd like to know more about any toy sitewide & we will do our best to advise!



These toys aim to target both the clitoris & internal vagina at the same time, in varying shapes and sizes to fit your body & preferences. If you like g-spot stimulation, choose a toy with a more extreme bend in the shaft. A dual motor is great to look out for, meaning vibrations will radiate in both the shaft & rabbit - making for more focused pleasure!

We love The Flex  With its bendable shaft you are able to shape the curve to fit you body, targeting g-spot & clit in one go. The dream!
If you'd like something a little stronger, then maybe the G-Rabbit is more your jam... In beautifully soft tech silicone with 3(!) rumbling motors.




Hugely popular & often pretty powerful, a wand vibrator is a handheld 'wand' with a vibrating head. With a large surface area on top, these toys are great for all over external stimulation of the vulva & also just great for a powerful neck or shoulder massage, with vibrations effectively releasing muscle tension.

Looking for POWER then the Doxy Wand is your new best friend - approach with caution! Powered through plug in cable this toy isn't messing around.
Looking for something a little gentler, then the warming Emma with attachments should ease you in nicely!





With the aim of pinpointing stimulation to the clit, these vibrators vary in power, texture & shape, its really up to you to decide what is right for you. A smaller head means more concentrated vibrations, whilst something described as rumbling will provide a slower & lower frequency of vibe. A lot of these toys are small, with some held in the palm or the finger. 

A great starter is the Cici by Svaom, with a flexible, precision head to focus on that sweet spot, and a longer shaft making it possible to use internally as well. 
Cici -  Flexible Head Vibrator by Svakom
If using during sex with a partner, this Silicone Finger bullet has had us all in a twirl! Wonderful pad of wiggling vibrating silicone attaches easily to the finger & helps you hit your clit with minimal effort / distraction. - Plus, with a removable bullet you've got two clitoral toys in one!
We also love the Tori Iroa+ by Tenga , for its innovative shape and tactile, playful shape. You decide how you use this toy, using the flat surface, edges or points to change up intensity & method of use.



For some, stimulating the G-spot is the key to the best orgasm. If your laying on your back, your gspot sits inwards and upwards from your vaginal opening, around 2-3 inches back on the 'front wall of your vagaina'. The angle of placement usually calls for a curved toy, often with a bulbous end to target & massage the right spot. All g-spots will be different to reach, so again, finding your toy may need some experimentation.

The OMG, has quite sublet, gentle vibrations, and features a dramatic curve with a flexible bend, the longer end targets the g spot whilst shorter, bulkier end sits externally to stimulate the vulva / clitoris.
The new cosmopolitan bendable vibe, bends as much as you like, and holds in position to help your discover, and hit just the right spot. Doubling up as a great external vibrator too!




For some, vibrations can be uncomfortable or unappealing & many like the feel of a harder/ ridged surface texture like metal or glass during play. A non vibrating dildo may feel closer to 'the real thing' and leave the user in control of their stimulation, without the need for buttons, power or added sensation. 

The Stub dildo is harness compatible for couple play & pegging. It also has a suction cup base, making it easy to place on wall, floor or shower side for hands free, simple & effective lifelike pleasure at a nice full size. you can shop our range of dildos HERE

Glass/ steel / ceramic dildos are wonderful if you like a ridged & super smooth glide & feel. The potential to play with temperature, by submerging in hot or ice water provides varying sensations for play. These toys leave speed, power & deepness of penetration totally up to you, you just need to find your ideal shape, length & texture.

Le Gemmes curved precious stone instruments of pleasure bring some true luxury to the bedroom. Show them off on your bedside table, they are way too pretty to leave in a drawer!




These are a relatively new breed of toys still, which are revolutionising the industry & the ways we masturbate. The head of these toys create gentle to intense air puffs / suctions that gently lift & stimulate your clitoris without touch. Some having compared these toys to the feeling of receiving oral sex, or sucking on your clit. If you find these toys too strong we recommend moving a little further away from your body, or if you want more, you can create a vacuum over your clit for much stronger sensation!

We cant talk about these toys without discussing Womanizer - despite the horrible name, these are the original suction toy, and come in different shapes and styles, from the classic Womaniser Premium  to their adapted Womanizer Duo (which includes insertable shaft for internal & external stimulation.

Our other boutique bestseller comes in the form of the Satisfyer Pro 2, with the same great air flow technology, this toy has a removable soft silicone head, making it more comfortable to rest firmly against the body, as it also suitable for use in water (hello the best bath time ever!)
Now you've had a little intro into styles & vibes, we hope you feel a little more equip for your foray into the land of erotic toys. Please get in touch if you'd like to know more about any toy site wide & we will do our best to advise!

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