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Tittilating Play!


At She Said we LOVE nipples & we want you give yours the love & attention they deserve! A huge amount of us enjoy nipple play & stimulation, & that the humble nipple can often play a key role in both female & male arousal...

From fully open bras, to revealing quarter cups we've noticed that baring all is becoming a hugely popular lingerie trend. Some of our top picks are exactly what you might expect, classically erotic with lot of straps & harness details adorning the chest in a bondage like fashion, but there are loads of other fun styles to explore. Others experiment with colour, fun new shapes & laces to soften the look, making it more accessible if you don't feel like going all out dominatrix right away...
Nipples are an excellent place to start when experimenting with new ways to play and stimulate. they are one of few erogenous zones - packed with nerve endings & easy to stimulate through kissing, licking & pinching - or why not try using one of our many toys intended to bring further pleasure and sensitivity.
We don't like to pick favourites, HOWEVER these needed a mention...
Vibrating Silicon Nipple Clamps - Adjustable to allow for varying intensities, these little clamps will heighten sensation with a firm pinch & keep the waves of pleasure going with steady vibrations.
Squeezer Teaser Clamps  - These teaser clamps put you totally at the mercy of the chain - they tighten their pinch when pulled, with the metal chain providing further erotic sensation with its cold touch.
why not try our much loved Power Bullet in a new area, wonderfully strong for its humble size- this is truly a best seller & for good reason! 
Power Bullet - She Said Boutique - 1Vibrating Nipple Clamps





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