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How to Choose Lingerie For Your Loved One This Christmas....

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We're happy to help when it comes to picking the perfect set for your loved one... here are a few tips to help you get started & give us all the information we need to get it right! (Don't worry, we'll still let you take all the credit!)


1. Get The Sizing Right...

To avoid the embarrassment of having to compare you partners assets to those of our shop staff, mannequins or varieties of fruit, we recommend having a peek in your partners lingerie drawer before coming into the shop.

Take a picture of the label if you're unsure where to look, and check a few bras - its always useful for us to know if the wearer is in-between sizes as we can get a better understanding of fit (each brands sizes will often come up slightly differently to the next, so this can be really useful) Don't forget dress sizes too for knickers, belts & slips!

Don't fret if this isn't something you can do... we've got plenty of items that are easier to choose sizes for when you don't have all this information. Slips, Teddies & body stockings are great options and are a little easier to fit without trying on!

(See our measuring guide here if you're measuring at home)



2. Find A Style They Feel Great In...

Keep an eye out for what shapes & styles of lingerie your partner wears, and pick something they will feel comfortable in! Note if they're into super skimpy thongs & strappy styles, or a little more coverage, & keep an eye out for bra shapes, if they are plunging or cut across the bust in a 'balconette style', weather they like a little padding or more sheer soft styles.

You are much more likely to see them wearing the set often & with confidence... & they will feel sexier than in something they would never choose for themselves.

Shop BodysuitsShop Non-wired Lingerie / Shop Seductive Boudoir Styles / Shop Curve / Shop Loungewear





3. Colours! 

Some people love a vibrant colour pallet & we've got lots to choose from, we know that many red heads look amazing in green & some have a penchant for purple. Choosing a colour can be a bold move, but shows you've put in a lot of thought about your partners tastes. 

If you want to push the boat out and get something a little different to the norm, come and talk to us! or drop us a line at Our staff are well trained to talk through with you your loved ones preferences, colouring & shape to get an idea of what new colours & styles may suit them.

Shop Colourful Lingerie Styles here...

If in doubt... Black lace is still always a winner in our eyes!   



4. Budget...


If you've got it all to play with why not go for a stunning full set, or luxurious appliquéd silk to surprise your beau. We've got plenty to see in our luxury gifting selection... 

We also have loads of beautiful & erotic products that will not break the bank. Looking for luxury? A stunning solo lacy knicker or thong is always a treat, we will gift wrap it beautifully and you can take all the credit... 

Or go for something a little cheekier, check out our crotch-less & overt collection for naughty knickers starting at £14.99, or maybe a pair of decorative hold-ups or pin up accessories to go with a set they already own...




 5. Plan Ahead!

We try and stock as wide a range of sizes as possible, however as it comes closer to big days such as valentines or Christmas we can sell out of popular sizes. By popping in a few weeks ahead of the date you need it by, you will get a much large choice of styles to choose from, with a chance to reserve your size in upcoming deliveries, and even choose from our wide selection of styles not stocked in the boutique via our personal shopping & advice service.


Drop into our Brighton boutique to have a look at some of the styles we have available, and for help choosing a swoon worthy lingerie gift for your partner. Or you can get in touch via email or phone 01273 777811 to chat to our wonderful staff about sizing and styles.


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