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Amor  Dildo - She Said Boutique - 3
Amor Dildo by Fun Factory
Amor Dildo by Fun Factory
Amor Dildo by Fun Factory
Amor Dildo by Fun Factory

Amor Dildo by Fun Factory

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A dildo like a little love god. Medium sized for maximum effect

At the very latest, since the invention of Amor in ancient times, we know there is a huge difference between length and size. So the powerful yet compact deity of love is a fitting name for the AMOR by FUN FACTORY. A semi-realistic dildo which owes its versatility and huge popularity to its relatively small could - in comparison to the shape and build to its bigger brother MAGNUM - almost appear unimposing. But this impression is fleeting and after the first touch replaced by the sensation of unbelievably intense stimulations.


The AMOR does it in so many different ways: vaginally for beginners and women who like a lighter touch, or anally for those who love to pleasure either him or her and who like longer-lasting pleasure rather than a longer dildo. The tactile qualities of this mid-sized toy are simply great. The silky pleasurable surface made of 100% silicone stimulates in bed, in the bathtub and also in a harness. AMOR can also be used freehand by simply sticking it onto a smooth surface. It pleasures like a good lover, stays hard as long as you want it to, but then disappears without any complications. Also it´s suitable to wear with a harnes and hypoallergenic



Product Length: 5.75 Inches, Diameter: 1.45 Inches.
Product Length: 14.6  cm, Diameter: 3.7 cm. 

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