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Tiger Stub Dildo by Fun Factory
Tiger Stub Dildo by Fun Factory
Tiger Stub Dildo by Fun Factory

Tiger Stub Dildo by Fun Factory

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A dildo/stub with a certain charm and special strengths. Big, lithe, sensitive.

Size: 22 cm; Ø top: 2.7 cm; Ø bottom: 4.3 cm
Wavy bump for clitoral stimulation
Curved shape for G-spot stimulation
Elegant design
Ergonomically shaped base
100% silicone
Big, impressive, beautiful and blessed with the dangerous ability to arouse erotic desires just with its aura – the TIGER truely is a special animal AND a special dildo. At first glance, it's obvious that getting in contact with this splendid specimen will deliver continuous impact. Instead of stripes, prominent, wavy structuring wraps around the TIGER. The interchange of pleasant smoothness and stimulating ridging contributes to creating waves of external and internal passion time and again.

Hands down happy The slightly curved shape allows the TIGER to intensely stimulate the G-spot. In spite of its imposing measurements, the powerful and stable shaft allows for the TIGER to be remarkably flexible. In the bathtub or in bed, cooled or warmed, exotic or down-to earth, the harness friendly TIGER cuts a dashing figure wherever it goes. Thanks to its ergonomically shaped base it even allows for an anal ride. The TIGER is made from 100% silicone and simply feels great. Its good looks are underscored by catchy colors - in intense red and classic black.

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