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Stronic G by Fun Factory
Stronic G by Fun Factory
Stronic G by Fun Factory
Stronic G by Fun Factory

Stronic G by Fun Factory

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The STRONIC G isn't a vibrator – it's a pulsator! Instead of vibration, the unique STRONIC power unit delivers the natural thrust movements of lovemaking. The powerful in and out thrust motions of the STRONIC G deliver unimaginable climaxes when used vaginally! And it can be used hands-free. 

It is especially suitable for experienced sex toy users.

For pleasure seekers with experience and those hungry to be thrust into a new sphere of experiencing passion.

  • Unique thrusting movement
  • Authentically mimics sexual thrust movements
  • For vaginal use
  • Ten thrilling thrusting rhythms
  • Pulsates in the powerful, low-frequency range
  • PRESS FUN TO PLAY: intuitive operation
  • Easy switch off with the FUN button
  • Key lock for discreet carrying
  • 100 % medical grade silicone
  • Waterproof | easy to clean | Can be used in the bath

Sensitive and hard. Long-lasting and controlled. Uncomplicated and full of fantasy. If you don't have a lover with those gifts or are just looking for a little change of pace – the new STRONIC G is just the thing.

This powerful trailblazer for a new generation of sextoys is a pulsator: The STRONIC G manages – unlike the usual high-frequency vibrators deepest satisfaction through extremely low frequencies. With a pulsating erotic effect you could previously only find on a Barry White album or huge bass speakers.

The STRONIC G's additional kick – as a perfectly shaped hunk in deep black – is the sensation of pleasure through real thrusting movements. To ensure the rhythmic back and forth doesn't get annoying after awhile, but intensifies rather pleasantly, there are 10 vibration variations. Whatever the desire or passion, from lightly intensifying to hard pumping, the shiny buttons promise intuitive control and a full-on experience.

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