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Lelo Loki WAVE Luxury Prostate Massager for Him

  • £14850

Gentleman - Welcome to a new era in prostrate pleasure! ♥♥♥♥♥ 

Just when you thought the new Loki from Lelo was pressing all your 'buttons' they go & up the ante with this the new LOKI Wave!

With two motors the Loki wave features a unique 'come hither' motion that mimics the perfect beckoning movement that tends to lead to the most intense p-spot sensations & eventual climaxes.

Designed to  'take the guesswork out of prostate massage for those who are new to it' - the Loki wave also adjusts to the angle of the body & as those clever Swedes over at Lelo state - " the LOKI Wave™ will beckon him to the most intense and memorable orgasms of his life!'.

AS with the other Loki - its Waterproof, rechargeable with easy to navigate settings, powerful & intense, extremely well made - easy to clean and as with all Lelo toys this comes with a 1 year guarantee / 10 years warranty.

The Loki wave comes in a lovely box so is ideal as a gift, is unique (at the moment!) in its ability to mimic the manual stoking of the p-spot that leads to the apparent holy grail of male orgasms.

Fancy a go?.....Remember to buy some lube as well - You can never have too much lube when it comes to anal play - & as this toy is silicone - use a water based thick lube designed for back door fun! Enjoy XXX 


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